What can I do for nature? Four Steps for the Earth

One of the most common questions asked of environmentalists is ‘What can I do?’. The answer is different for every individual, but a new framework released in a study today is the ‘Mitigation and Conservation Hierarchy’, or ‘Four Steps for the Earth’. Two of the authors of this study, Hollie Booth (DPhil researcher at [...]

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Connecting to the natural world

“The ingenuity with which we continue to reshape the surface of our planet is very striking, but it’s also sobering. It reminds me of just how easy it is for us to lose our connection with the natural world. Yet it’s on this connection that the future of both humanity and of the natural [...]

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What on Earth

On Saturday 26th October, Synchronicity Earth hosted a magical evening at London’s Whitechapel Gallery. Called “What on Earth?” the event created a space for guests to consider what we’re doing to our planet and how we can change. The evening began with a stunning and arresting visual narrative by Mattias Klum, award-winning National Geographic [...]