Jim Pettiward

About Jim Pettiward

Head of Communications (Senior Leadership Team)

Jim’s background is in education and training, a field in which he has held a number of roles including designing and writing resources for the web, developing teacher training resources and workshops, teaching effective research and writing skills and providing online learning support for students and staff in UK Higher Education institutions. Jim’s role at Synchronicity Earth is to enhance our communications strategy and to design and write new content and resources to inform and inspire supporters, partners, friends and anyone with an interest in conservation and the environment. By telling the stories of Synchronicity Earth and its partners, we aim to bring their work on critical conservation projects around the world to life. Jim works closely with our research analysts and other staff, as well as with external partners, to develop narratives and campaigns around key conservation issues and priorities. Jim graduated from Southampton University with a degree in Modern Languages (French & Spanish) and has an MSc in Digital Solutions and Online Learning. He has volunteered on marine conservation projects in Ecuador, Thailand and Madagascar, recently spending 3 months on a coral reef conservation project in southwest Madagascar. Over his 15 years as a scuba diver, he has developed a particular interest in the health and conservation of the oceans and is lucky enough to have dived some of the most beautiful dive sites in the world.

An interview with Nemonte Nenquimo

Nemonte Nenquimo is an Indigenous leader of the Waorani people in the Ecuadorean Amazon province of Pastaza, one of the most biodiverse regions on Earth. Nemonte gained global attention when she led a successful court action to block a proposal for oil exploration and drilling on 500,000 acres of Waorani land. Her tireless and courageous [...]

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An Interview with Miriam Supuma

Miriam Supuma has been working for over ten years with conservation organisations in Papua New Guinea, a country that comprises 1% of the world’s land but around 7% of its biodiversity. Miriam joined Synchronicity Earth in April 2021 to lead its Biocultural Diversity Programme (formerly the Flourishing Diversity Programme), which focuses on the recognition [...]

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Flying the nest…

It is with sadness, but also pride and our full support that we wish Katy Scholfield well in her new role at Arcus Foundation - a great friend and partner of Synchronicity Earth - where Katy is taking up a new position as Director of Strategic Grantmaking for the Great Apes and Gibbons Programme. [...]

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Beyond carbon: nature’s big moment

For the third in our series of Deeper Thinking webinars, Beyond Carbon: nature’s big moment, we had the privilege of listening to Tom Rivett-Carnac, who has been a leading figure in developing mainstream action on climate change. Tom was Senior Advisor to Christiana Figueres when she acted as Executive Director to the UNFCCC (United [...]