A career in conservation: an interview with Julie Thomas

Our Head of Conservation Programmes, Julie Thomas, joined the Synchronicity Earth team in January, 2023. In this interview, Jessie Birabil and Jim Pettiward talk to Julie about how she started out in her conservation career and hear how her experiences working in diverse regions and communities around the world have shaped her attitudes towards [...]

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Funding better conservation, funding conservation better

Most people would agree that protecting the natural world for future generations should be high on our list of priorities. Yet our love of nature is not reflected in the level of philanthropic funding directed towards protecting it: less than 5 per cent of UK philanthropy is dedicated to nature conservation, a figure that [...]

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2018: Our personal highlights

 "Synchronicity Earth has blossomed. Every facet of our organisation has grown in confidence – our focus and function never more purposeful. 2018 has been a year where, as the Co-Founder, I have watched in awe as Synchronicity Earth has grown beyond my wildest dreams." Jessica Sweidan The Synchronicity Earth team, November 2018 [...]

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A New Captive Breeding Centre for White-bellied Heron

Our work to conserve the White-Bellied Heron is part of our Asian Species Programme, which aims to conserve some of Asia's most threatened species. An important component of this work is the development of a captive breeding centre for these majestic but Critically Endangered birds. Rebecca Pradhan (RSPN) and Gemma Goodman-Hattie Gemma [...]

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Whose ocean is it anyway?

Last week I attended the 'Our Ocean' conference on the shores of the Mediterranean in the coastal town of Saint Julian’s, Malta. Set under an unbelievably elaborate display of screens covering the entire ceiling and showing animations of ocean life, this was an opportunity for governments, NGOs and the private sector to come together [...]

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A new Congo Basin Programme

This Autumn Synchronicity Earth launches its new Congo Basin Programme! The programme is the result of several years’ work by our team to develop a strategy which aims to protect the ecological and cultural integrity of this important region. After supporting groups in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) over the last five years, [...]

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Some Reflections on George Rabb

I first met George Rabb at Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, in October 1985 when I was interviewed by an intimidating panel of four men and one woman for the position of Species Programme Officer at The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) headquarters in Gland, Switzerland. George Rabb (and Archey). Image: Phil Bishop [...]

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Freshwater – a cinderella issue

Freshwater has long been a Cinderella issue i.e. routinely ignored but deserving more attention. Freshwater ecosystems - rivers, lakes, wetlands - cover less than one per cent of the earth’s surface, yet are home to up to 50 per cent of all fish species. Despite its importance, freshwater biodiversity is currently low down on environmental [...]

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Building momentum for Oceans

United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 14 urges the global community to 'Conserve and sustainably use the oceans, seas and marine resources’. This is a welcome step towards moving marine conservation up the agenda and linking it into the bigger picture of human and environmental development. Nevertheless, while there is still so much to [...]

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