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Women’s Alliance for the Living World – Launch

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5th May 2016 – Murano, London

On 5th May 2016, Founding Trustee Jessica Sweidan introduced the idea of a Women’s Alliance to build a healthy and abundant legacy for future generations, to a small group of women. She felt that women would respond to her message, and come together to support her and the growth of Synchronicity Earth. The response was enormously positive.

We were delighted that Isabelle Lackmann could join us to share stories from her journey, working in Borneo to save orang-utans, and all the other life that inhabits those precious forests.

Solving the environmental challenges that we face, can be done. But it requires stamina, huge amounts of creativity, resource, skills, influence, intuition, holistic thinking, and care.

As with everything, women play a distinct role in building and sustaining communities. Given Synchronicity Earth’s position, as an organization in service of the greater whole, women play an important role in helping us shape and grow the Synchronicity Earth community.

Synchronicity Earth is fortunate to work with some exceptional women who have all taken extraordinary steps to protect life on Earth, working against escalating odds to address the most urgent environmental challenges facing our only home. They are passionate defenders, striving to create a healthy and safe future for current and future generations – protecting oceans, regenerating wetlands, working with local communities to protect their forests and halt the extinction crisis.

We support and believe in them because they:

  • recognise that we need to act if we are to leave a fitting legacy to future generations.
  • realise that we need to work collaboratively and creatively to prevent the world’s most diverse and vulnerable places from being destroyed.
  • have long understood that speaking out for those on the margins of majority concern is important.
  • devote their lives to doing what they can and inspiring others.