Synchronicity Earth Deeper Thinking Series

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“Dwelling is not primarily inhabiting but taking care of and creating that space within which something comes into its own and flourishes.” 

– Martin Heidegger

We want nature conservation to become mainstream. By fostering an understanding of our impact on the natural world, the scale and causes of biodiversity loss, and how this relates to each and every one of us, we aim to help highlight the role everybody can have in conserving the incredible species and ecosystems we rely on, wherever they are.

The Synchronicity Earth Deeper Thinking Series consists of talks, panel discussions and thought pieces designed to draw attention to some of the most critical issues of our time. One of the biggest problems we face as a conservation movement is simply that there are not enough of us – and from diverse backgrounds – doing this work and supporting this work. We hope this series will help stimulate dynamic discussion across sectors, highlighting the relevance and importance of the environment, no matter what our primary interests are.

Our goal is to create a forum for debate and conversation, growing and activating a network of supporters to explore solutions and pathways towards a future where biological and cultural diversity can flourish.

Calling upon our network of scientists, academics, artists, philosophers, authors, business leaders, and local partners, we will bring myriad voices together to outline and discuss some of the key cultural, economic and political factors that directly influence our relationship to nature.

Together with our growing community, we will explore:

  • how we might imagine and work towards a future in which both biological and cultural diversity can flourish;
  • how to better understand the impact of our own lifestyles and consumption patterns and move towards a way of life that is more in tune with the natural world;
  • how to prepare for a future which might be distinctly different from what we have known.

As our Adviser Dr Jerome Lewis says, “nature is changing fast, and we need to too.”

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