Environment sector: Who are we looking for?

There is a common misconception that to work in the environment sector, you need to have studied an environmental subject such as ecology, environmental management, conservation, geography, marine science, or zoology. These can be useful for certain career paths, but there are many more opportunities within the environment sector, and your experiences could make you an excellent candidate.

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Synchronicity Earth: Our people

At the time of writing in 2023, our staff team is made up of about 25 full and part-time staff across four teams (Communications, Finance and Risk, Philanthropy, Operations, and Programmes) led by our Senior Leadership Team. In addition to our staff, we also have a board of trustees, advisers, and affiliates. The Communications [...]

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Where to look for opportunities

As well as advertising roles in the vacancies section of their website, employers will advertise available roles on job boards and social media. If there are certain organisations or businesses that you are very interested in working for, sign up for email updates on their website, and follow them on social media (particularly LinkedIn). [...]

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Polish your application

There is lots of advice online about how to build a CV, download CV templates, how to write a cover letter, do’s and don’ts for your application, and how to write an application for an environment sector role. To add to it all, here are five top tips from Synchronicity Earth about how to [...]

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How to prepare for interviews

After you’ve submitted an excellent application and been invited to interview, how can you prepare? Research the organisation. An applicant who has already had a good look through the organisation’s website and developed a good understanding of mission and values will stand out. As well as demonstrating research skills, it shows commitment to your [...]

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