Synchronicity Earth: How do we fit in?

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Synchronicity Earth is a UK-based, global environmental charity that funds and collaborates with organisations around the world that aim to make our planet a better place to live for all its inhabitants.

We are a medium-sized charity that supports partners working to protect less well-known species and ecosystems around the world that receive less attention but face the greatest threats.

We do this through our conservation programmes, which identify, fund, and support organisations with a focus on Amphibians, Asian Species, Biocultural Diversity, Congo Basin, Freshwater, and Ocean. We also support work across two other areas: the More than Carbon initiative, a portfolio of climate and biodiversity projects targeted at corporate donors; and the Synchronicity Portfolio, which aims to foster systemic change to promote a greater focus on biodiversity conservation within different sectors.

Our partners are mostly organisations embedded within their local communities, and we often support and fund projects which also consider social impacts such as women’s health and empowerment, engagement with Indigenous Peoples, and sustainable livelihoods (e.g., small-scale fisheries) in addition to wildlife conservation.

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