Where to look for opportunities

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As well as advertising roles in the vacancies section of their website, employers will advertise available roles on job boards and social media. If there are certain organisations or businesses that you are very interested in working for, sign up for email updates on their website, and follow them on social media (particularly LinkedIn).

To see what opportunities are available in the environment sector at the moment, sign up for email or social media updates (particularly on LinkedIn) from environmentjob, conservationcareers, IEMA Jobs, GreenJobs, and environmentaljobsuk.

Even if you are so early on in your career that you don’t feel comfortable applying for these roles yet, looking at job boards can give you a good idea of the skills and experience being asked for and you might learn about career paths in the sector that you hadn’t thought about before.

If you know that you ultimately want to be working for an environmental charity but are struggling to get your first opportunity in the sector, a way to gain some relevant experience is to apply for similar roles that you are interested in for non-environmental organisations, to gain some experience that will help you in interviews later on. CharityJob and ThirdSectorJobs are specialised job boards for non-profit, non-governmental organisations, social enterprise, Community Interest Companies, and voluntary jobs. 80,000 hours is a website with a job board which has advice and opportunities for people looking for careers that will have a positive impact on the world.

Something else you can do to help improve your chances of breaking into the sector is to seek out a mentor. Perhaps there is someone who you have already met or worked with who you could ask for some career advice, or alternatively you could apply for a mentoring scheme such as those run by A Focus On Nature, CIEEM, and the British Ecological Society.

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