The forests of freshwater

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Freshwater habitats are not just rivers, and conserving freshwater species can be done hand-in-hand with local fisheries, says Merlin Veron, Research Analyst at Synchronicity Earth and its Freshwater partner Shoal.

As you carefully step across the forest floor, it erupts with life, thousands of insects crashing between the dry leaves on this magic carpet of life. In the background the slow-running river pervades a sense of calm yet in a few weeks’ time, as the rains begin to fall, its mood will change. As the river gathers pace and begins to swell, it spills over into this low-lying forest and transforms it into a rich aquatic habitat, a nursery for many of the Mekong’s fishes.

The community who live adjacent to this forest in North-Eastern Thailand know the importance of this natural cycle: across the Mekong-basin, inland fisheries continue to support the subsistence and livelihoods of approximately 60 million people. They are one of the most productive natural systems on Earth.