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Building Capacity

One of the greatest problems in addressing the amphibian extinction crisis has been the lack of any organised global effort to conserve these fascinating species. For amphibian conservation to advance, we need many organisations committed to the cause – in short, a new amphibian conservation movement.

There is an urgent need to build capacity – and if appropriate, new organisations – to prioritise the conservation of these highly threatened species. 

Image © Molly Bletz

Our Amphibian Programme builds conservation capacity by:

Providing core support for the Amphibian Survival Alliance.

The Amphibian Survival Alliance (ASA) was established in 2011 to foster the development of this new movement. ASA is a partnership of organisations working to save amphibians – as of September 2019, ASA had 53 partners from every region of the world. For ASA to continue to play its critical leadership role in amphibian conservation, it needs core financial support for its secretariat. Since 2011, Synchronicity Earth has prioritised funding the basic operations of ASA.

Prioritising the development of amphibian conservation capacity where it is most needed.

The priority regions on which to focus in order to prevent amphibian extinctions are: the Andes; southern Brazil; southern Mexico and Mesoamerica; the Caribbean; the Upper Guinea forests of West Africa; Cameroon; the Eastern Arc Mountains of Tanzania; Madagascar; the Western Ghats of India; Sri Lanka; Indonesia; the Philippines; and New Guinea.

Supporting and developing new amphibian conservation organisations.

In many priority regions for amphibian conservation there are too few – and sometimes no – organisations working on amphibian conservation. Synchronicity Earth is working with the Amphibian Survival Alliance to build capacity and, where appropriate, new organisations to prioritise conservation for these highly threatened species.

* Images (L to R): Paul Bertner; Molly Bletz; Robin Moore

“We envisage a future where amphibian conservation is prioritised and fully collaborative. We strive towards a world where amphibians are valued for their astonishing beauty, variety and contributions to the planet.”

Amphibian Survival Alliance (ASA)