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Protecting Species

Practical and effective amphibian conservation is urgently needed and nearly everywhere the effort is hugely inadequate. Guided by work on Key Biodiversity Areas and advice from the Amphibian Survival Alliance (ASA), Synchronicity Earth is identifying regions where amphibians are most threatened and finding and supporting organisations to conserve them.

As we build relationships with partners we fund, we discover the challenges they face and the type of support they need in their amphibian conservation work. Where there is a need, we fund core costs, skills training and organisational development.

Image © Humberto Castillo

Our Amphibian Programme is helping to protect amphibians by:

Working with local stakeholders to support effective management of existing protected areas.

This could include, for example, working with indigenous people and local communities to protect amphibians on their lands; building the capacity of protected area management teams through increased staff and training, or supporting education and awareness-raising initiatives.

Supporting emerging organisations in tropical countries that are working to conserve amphibians by helping them to build capacity and expand their work.

Finding organisations committed to conserving amphibians in the wild in tropical countries is difficult, but some are now starting to emerge. Much of the work to conserve amphibians will be done at the site level. The strategies chosen to protect each site will vary depending on the local context.

Working with organisations that are investing in and testing novel disease-control and mitigation techniques at the site level to help amphibian populations recover.

Disease is a very serious threat for 19% of all amphibian species and for 35% of threatened species. When it becomes pathogenic, the fungal disease chytridiomycosis is the most likely threat to drive amphibians rapidly to extinction.

* Images (L to R): George Sunter; Molly Bletz; Wikimedia