ShareAction is dedicated to making the global investment sector take responsibility for its impact and help tackle the challenges we face.

At A Glance

ShareAction is dedicated to making the global investment sector responsible for its impact while mobilising its immense power to tackle the challenges we face.

ShareAction exists to make investment a force for good. Its vision is of an investment system that truly serves savers and communities, protecting our environment for the long term. It is working towards a system in which long-term thinking is recognised as the best way to guarantee healthy returns.

Since 2005, ShareAction has built a strong track record of driving change in and through the finance system, through research, campaigning, policy advocacy and public mobilisation. Its vision is a global financial system that: respects the ecological limits of our planet; reflects and respects the societies it’s there to serve; and rewards those who invest responsibly.

ShareAction campaigns influence companies and their investors to do things differently by helping investors engage with companies. Some of its projects include the Asset Owners Disclosure Project, which ranks the world’s largest investors on their response to climate change; Keeping Gender on the Agenda, which holds boards to account on gender diversity and the gender pay gap; and the Healthy Markets initiative, which brings investors together to ask food and drink companies to play their part in building a healthier population.

Its campaigns are supported by networks it has built to take action in the investment system, such as activist networks like AGM activists and Pension Power; civil society networks like the European Network (ERIN); and investor networks like the Charities Network (CRIN). ShareAction has a portfolio of resources for savers, investors and policymakers designed to help people in each group understand how they can use their role to push for positive change.

ShareAction is currently working on a new campaign with the intention of transforming the global investment sector’s outlook on biodiversity risks and impacts. Synchronicity Earth is supporting this project as part of our commitment to engage with the investment sector to promote an investment approach that works with nature and can play a fundamental role in ‘bending the curve’ on biodiversity loss and supporting a global economy that protects and restores nature.