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Our Affiliates

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Synchronicity Earth believes that the most effective conservation is led by local people and communities. By using this principle to guide our efforts supporting conservation around the world, we aim to support the people who have the best understanding of regional contexts so they will have the greatest chance to succeed.

Synchronicity Earth is a UK-based organisation funding, supporting and working with local partners across the world with a focus in tropical regions, including West and Central Africa; Southeast Asia; Melanesia; and Latin America. To benefit from local expertise, we have established a network of affiliates who live within and/or are from some of our most crucial regions to help steer our programmes.

Our affiliates are highly experienced individuals with a host of amazing and applicable skills, including in Brazil and wider Latin America; Cameroon; and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

  • Grace Iara Souza

    Latin America Affiliate

    Dr Grace Iara Souza is a professional learner who has dedicated the past 18 years to learning about socio-environmental conservation related to Brazil from a global perspective, while also engaging with knowledge sharing with multiple stakeholders. She started her career implementing carbon credit p

  • Julie Gagoe Tchoko

    Congo Basin Affiliate

    Julie has more than 13 years of experience in the monitoring and evaluation of development projects, particularly with a gender equality and community-led focus, and has worked for several international organisations including the Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR) and the Internatio

  • Merline Touko Tchoko

    Congo Basin Affiliate

    Merline Touko Tchoko is an expert communicator with experience working in several countries in Africa and Europe. She graduated with a first in her Communications undergraduate degree and went on to gain a master’s degree in Natural Resources Development and Management. She began her career as a j

As we expand this model, we will reduce the need to travel, thereby decreasing our own impact on the planet and reducing the costs and risks associated with traveling to certain regions. Another benefit is that local affiliates are likely to remain within the target region, so the skills and knowledge developed during their time as an affiliate is likely to be retained within the local conservation community, where it is most needed.

We believe locally-led conservation is vital to success and therefore the more we can support this approach, the more we can contribute to strengthening the skills and knowledge of people with the greatest and most sustainable means to make a difference.