Truly sustainable models and perspectives of Indigenous Peoples

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The current model of global economic management is unsustainable for nature, which is causing climate change and biodiversity loss with devastating consequences for the whole of humanity. But all is not lost. Some groups – Indigenous Peoples in particular – are proactively managing our collective future. A change of vision is required to recognise the value that Indigenous Peoples provide to humanity by protecting and conserving their territories, which include forests, rich in biodiversity.

In this context, the private sector, including private and corporate foundations, and businesses, have a unique opportunity to leverage the results of the efforts of Indigenous Peoples.

This New York Climate Week event brought together The Pawanka Fund, Indigenous Peoples Rights International, The Christensen Fund, Solidarity Fund for Indigenous Peoples of Asia – IPAs, and Synchronicity Earth to discuss how the private sector can best support the crucial role played in environmental protection by Indigenous Peoples and local communities.

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