FESO: Femmes Solidaires

Femmes Solidaires (FESO) is a coalition of 24 Congolese women’s groups advocating for equal energy access and democratic participation.

At A Glance

Femmes Solidaires (FESO), is a coalition of 24 women’s groups from across the DRC advocating for equal energy access and the democratic participation of women in Congolese society. FESO has developed an association: ‘Solidarity of Women of the Congo River’ (SOFFLECO in French).

SOFFLECO is uniting women on the banks of the Congo River and its tributaries, recognising their strong relationship with the river and addressing two key themes: the empowerment of these women; and the protection of the Congo River and the rights of communities that depend on them. SOFFLECO is reliant on technical and financial support from FESO. The association is currently working on initiatives to advocate for rights of women and local communities in the light of prospective mega-projects such as the Inga dams, as well as sharing knowledge and implementing approaches to ensure the sustainable management of the river’s bountiful resources.

Synchronicity Earth began working with FESO in 2018 and is supporting the organisation to expand the SOFFLECO network across the Democratic Republic of Congo. By expanding the network across 6 provinces FESO hope to build a strong and united constituency of support for the conservation and sustainable management of one of the world’s great rivers, the Congo.