Deep Sea Conservation Coalition

The largest ecosystem on the globe, the deep sea, has been the target of increased protection efforts since 2004 thanks to the Deep Sea Conservation Coalition (DSCC). The DSCC, which is a powerful advocate for deep-sea conservation and represents more than 70 organisations, focuses on preventing bottom trawling and deep-sea mining, two very destructive and ill-regulated industries, from harming sensitive sections of the deep sea.

At A Glance

Since 2004, the Deep Sea Conservation Coalition (DSCC) has advocated for greater protection of the deep sea – the largest ecosystem on the planet. Representing more than 70 organisations, the DSCC is a strong voice for deep-sea conservation, and it focuses on protecting vulnerable areas of the deep sea from bottom trawling and deep-sea mining – both of which are extremely destructive and poorly regulated activities.

In its deep-sea fisheries campaigns, the DSCC has taken its message to the United Nations (UN), the Food and Agriculture Organisation, the European Union, and regional fisheries management organisations, as well as individual nations with a large deep-sea ‘footprint’. Its work has been instrumental in securing six UN resolutions on high seas bottom trawling – each stronger than the last – as well as raising awareness of the issue amongst decision makers and the general public. As a result, several countries and regional fisheries management organisations have closed off large areas of the ocean to bottom trawling, saving vast amounts of biodiversity in the process, but there is still a long way to go. The DSCC has also been a key player in bringing about a monumental change in European Union legislation banning deep-sea fishing below 800m and in vulnerable marine ecosystems.

In its deep-seabed mining campaign, the DSCC is lobbying the International Seabed Authority to impose strong environmental regulations around deep-sea mining and has produced key research on the topic. It has also worked with partners to put forward a successful legal case against mining concessions off the coast of New Zealand, which resulted in the concessions being denied.

The DSCC are continuing to advocate for stronger and better-implemented regulations around deep-sea fishing, and for the use of extreme caution in the progression of deep-sea mining.

Synchronicity Earth has supported the DSCC since 2013 for its work on deep sea fisheries and deep-seabed mining.