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Species and Ecosystems

The vast majority of species or ecosystem focused work in the marine conservation sector has concentrated on coral reefs, and charismatic animals such as whales, dolphins, sharks and turtles. While these species and ecosystems are still in need of conservation action, the wide array of diverse flora and fauna in the ocean calls for a diversification of this support.

The Species and Ecosystems strand of our Ocean Programme aims to plug gaps in conservation funding and support for neglected marine species and habitats, working with partners that focus on particular marine species or ecosystems that have slipped under the radar.

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Synchronicity Earth protects ocean species and ecosystems by:

Supporting locally-led initiatives focused on overlooked species and ecosystems.

Two dugong, one larger than the other, in a blue sea with white sand

This work integrates with the Communities and Culture strand, focusing on enabling and uplifting local leaders and thereby improving biodiversity outcomes

Supporting the holistic restoration of habitats.

This is focused on supporting the regeneration of degraded habitats alongside key conservation actions needed to support the long-term success of this work.

A yellow seahorse in a seagrass meadow

Supporting research and mapping of some of the most threatened species and ecosystems.

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This focuses on key knowledge gaps including geographic spread of habitat or life-histories and threats to particular species

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“Seagrass meadows are a home, source of food and a feeding ground for numerous species of fish, invertebrates, repti