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Funding our Programmes

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Pooled funding for greater impact

Our conservation Programmes are the result of extensive research, analysis and funding. They are targeted at areas of significant need and they bring together a multi-faceted approach to combat and reverse the loss of wildlife and wild places across the globe.

Through these Programmes, we seek to provide long-term support to organisations undertaking a range of activities to address overlooked and underfunded conservation challenges.

We believe that the urgency of the challenges we are facing means it is vital to pool donor resources to coordinate funding, monitoring and impact reporting, reducing the load on organisations and bringing donors together to achieve impact at scale.

All our programmes take a ‘pooled’ funding approach. Each donation to a programme is managed alongside other donations, allowing funding to be allocated more strategically to our partners (grantees). Our Congo Basin programme specifically sets out to build the capacity and impact of local organisations, so the last thing we want to do is place a heavy administrative burden on them.

Our experience has shown that a pooled funding approach is a ‘win-win’ for both partner and donor. For the partner, it means less time spent fundraising and completing paperwork; and done well it also means more opportunity to collaborate and learn from other partners.

For the donor, it offers an opportunity to learn about and fund grantees in areas previously inaccessible to them: not all donors or indeed foundations have the capacity to research a region themselves, identify good partners or conduct due diligence, let alone build long-term relationships with grantees.

As we grow our programmes, we convene webinars, share reports and updates from partners, and bring funders together to benefit from this shared analysis and learning and meet some of the partners working on the ground. Through our programmes, any donor can effectively participate in this ‘pooled funding’ approach. By donating to a programme a donor joins forces with others to allocate funding where it is most needed.

This approach maximises support without increasing the load for the dedicated and passionate organisations and people we fund.

Our Congo Basin and Amphibian Programmes benefit from our pooled funding approach, and we are currently developing further pooled funds  for our other programmes. If you are interested in learning more about pooled funding, and/or supporting one of our Programmes, please  Contact Us.