Meet Dr Pria Ghosh

Pria Ghosh joined the Synchronicity Earth research team in October 2020. With her expertise in amphibian conservation and particularly in amphibian disease, Pria was well placed to take the lead on our amphibian conservation programme. In this interview, she talks about how she came to work with amphibians, describes her new role at Synchronicity [...]

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In search of secret wildlife Part III: The power of knowledge

Hundreds of new species are discovered across the diverse tree of life around the world every year. Every single discovery is an exciting moment, but the number of them reveals how little we know about our fellow species, and just how much we need to learn while we try to mitigate our impact and [...]

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Health and biodiversity Part I: Wild diseases

As the COVID-19 pandemic has put both our health systems and our relationship with nature in the spotlight, Nina Seale investigates the relationship between health and biodiversity. Let’s begin with the elephant in the room: diseases that have transferred from animals to humans. Not just COVID-19, but Severe Acute Respiratory [...]

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An Interview with Professor Bill Sutherland

Professor Bill Sutherland is the Miriam Rothschild Chair in Conservation Biology at the Department of Zoology, University of Cambridge, based in the David Attenborough building (Cambridge Conservation Initiative). He is interested in conservation generally, but particularly in how we can make decision-making for conservation action more effective. Bill initiated and runs Conservation Evidence, an [...]

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