Gaia Foundation

The Gaia Foundation works to revive bio-cultural diversity, regenerate healthy ecosystems and strengthen community ecological governance.

At A Glance

The Gaia Foundation is a small organisation with over 30 years experience which works to revive biocultural diversity, to regenerate healthy ecosystems and to strengthen community ecological governance for climate change resilience.

As well as hosting a number of events together, Synchronicity Earth has supported the Gaia Foundation since 2014 to strengthen the capacity of communities, globally, to protect their ancestral lands and their biocultural diversity from external threats.

The Gaia Foundation has four key areas of work: Food, seed and climate change resilience; Earth Jurisprudence, Beyond Extractivism; Sacred Lands and Waters.

The Gaia Foundation’s work is committed to reviving and protecting cultural and biological diversity in order to restore resilience for ecosystems and local communities, across connected landscapes.  Its work aims to enhance traditional knowledge and practices for land, seed, food and water sovereignty, thereby enabling communities to determine their own locally and culturally appropriate pathways.

The Gaia Foundation’s programmes are linked with social movements who together can challenge the industrial growth economy and promote pathways for systemic transformation. They are committed to speak out for ‘Gaia’ – Mother Earth – and the rights of future generations of all species, yet to inhabit this planet.