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Funding our core work

We started with a fund to provide both additional core funding for our organisation and funding for our development portfolio and programmes.

Synchronicity Earth offers funders our research and infrastructure to manage funding flows without charge. By doing this we aim to significantly increase the amount of funding that is directed to challenging and often overlooked issues, as well as assisting donors to fund with greater impact.

We benefit from committed philanthropic funding from the Aurum Kaleidoscope Foundation (and previously from the Synchronicity Foundation), but the scale of what we want to achieve requires more. An important part of the work we do is finding and developing new relationships with local organisations and providing them with core and project funding.

Without a pool of funding that our conservation team can direct to build new relationships and develop new programmes we lose our strategic independence and our ability to innovate, which is fundamental to our approach.

This fund is for donors who want to support that strategic approach  and fund some of our most challenging work. Donors who value independent analysis and research, who expect great execution and know what this requires in terms of infrastructure. Donors who understand that conservation needs local organisations leading and developing action, often in challenging circumstances and want to help us fund and support them in the best way we can over the long term.