Coral Reefs

An Interview with marine ecologist Professor Alex Rogers

Professor Alex Rogers is a marine ecologist. He is specifically interested in where life is distributed in the ocean and what drives that distribution. His work has a specific focus on biodiversity hotspots, mainly in the deep ocean, but also in tropical coral reefs, particularly deep tropical coral reefs. He does a lot of work [...]

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Q & A With Louis Masai – The Coral Mural and Campaign

We asked artist Louis Masai about the process of painting the LondonLovesCorals mural in Shoreditch, and about his hopes for our broader coral campaign. The mural was started on 10th September, sparking tremendous social media interest, with people asking Louis to add their favourite coral-dependent species to the composition. The completed painting is becoming [...]

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Saving Coral Reefs Depends More on Protecting Fish Than Safeguarding Locations

Source: Wildlife Conservation Society Study finds fish biomass more important than habitat or other factors used to define biodiversity ‘hotspots’ Reefs containing more than 600 kilograms per hectare of fish biomass should be conservation priorities A new study by WCS (Wildlife Conservation Society) has found that coral reef diversity ‘hotspots’ in the southwestern Indian [...]

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Chocolate Seahorses

What do carpet, chocolate and seahorses have in common? It sounds like the opening to a likely bad if not unusual joke - in reality it was the opening launch of Expedition: Danajon Bank held at London Zoo in partnership with Project Seahorse. Danajon Bank in the Philippines is one of only six double-barrier reefs [...]

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