Make Stewardship Count

At A Glance

Make Stewardship Count is a coalition of 82 NGOs, scientists and other organisations which is calling for urgent and swift changes to the Marine Stewardship Council certification standard in order to uphold the scientific rigour, transparency, and original vision of the seafood label as well as its promise to consumers and retailers that it is the ‘gold standard of sustainability’.

The Marine Stewardship Council label is the most recognised seafood sustainability eco-label. In recent years, however, the standard has been increasingly criticised by the scientific and NGO community.

Make Stewardship Count has submitted two open letters to the Marine Stewardship Council detailing a list of seven key requests to improve the standard, developed by scientists and NGOs. It has pointed specifically to examples of nine certified fisheries which are causing clear environmental damage. The coalition is pushing for these requests to be considered in the upcoming review of the Marine Stewardship Council standard.

Synchronicity Earth has supported Make Stewardship Count since 2018 for its campaign to improve the Marine Stewardship Council label.