Indigenous lifeways for a flourishing Earth

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This Deeper Thinking webinar focused on the concept of Flourishing Diversity, which lies at the heart of our Biocultural Diversity Programme (formerly the Flourishing Diversity Programme). We were joined by an inspiring panel of speakers who shared their knowledge and experience, exploring what flourishing diversity means to them and reminding us how ecological and cultural diversity are inextricably linked.

The event, chaired by Synchronicity Earth founders Jessica and Adam Sweidan, explored diverse viewpoints with Katy Scholfield – creator of our new Biocultural Diversity Programme – and Katy Molloy, Director of Flourishing Diversity – in conversation with Dr Million Belay, Co-ordinator of the Alliance for Food Sovereignty in Africa (AFSA), Kerexu Yxapyry and Tiago Karaí, Comissão Guarani Yvyrupa (CGY).

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