Conservation and community

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Our Biocultural Diversity Programme has multiple partners in Papua New Guinea, and each organisation contributes towards conservation and strengthening the ‘Melanesian Way’ and identity. The Melanesian Way is the worldview of the Melanesian Peoples manifested through their cultural and spiritual values that inform the continuing evolution of Melanesian society, politics, economy, and land and sea stewardship.

The ‘Conservation and community’ events introduced our supporters to the importance of this untouched, but threatened, region and the importance of biocultural diversity-based conservation approaches in Papua New Guinea to tackle these threats and challenges.

The discussions were chaired by our Biocultural Diversity Programme Manager Miriam Supuma, speaking to John Aini (Ailan Awareness), Jonathan Mesulam (Alliance of Solwara Warriors), Yolarnie Amepou (Piku Biodiversity Network) and John Chitoa (Bismarck Ramu Group).

“The nuance of good partnerships between us and the communities depends on our understanding of culture,” said John Aini. “For example, donors may ask us why we purchased a pig for a feast – but feasting helps to renew and build community cohesion, it is a cultural practice, and honouring them enables the younger generation to learn.”

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