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9th March 2017 – One Embankment, London

Last Chance Casino was an opportunity to party like there is no tomorrow, in the hope that there will be a better one.

On the evening of Thursday March 9th, Synchronicity Earth hosted around 250 guests at our spectacular Last Chance Casino at One Embankment in central London. With the support of a dazzling array of artists, entertainers, allies and friends, the focus of the evening was on FUN! We invited guests to gamble for our future (not with it) at roulette and blackjack tables, while live performers and liberal quantities of ‘last chance cocktails’ and fine food kept guests entertained and stunning artworks around the room were a reminder of just what we stand to lose if we continue down our current path: the extinction crisis is real… (and coming soon to a location near you).

The evening featured live performances from burlesque dancers, acrobats, a Roaring Twenties jazz band and songs from our favourite nature ambassador, Alison Sudol – Queenie Goldstein from Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

We like to think that our events are different, artistic, imaginative and fun. The urgency of the need for effective conservation – of species, of natural habitats – could not be clearer. With Last Chance Casino, our goal was to show that protecting the planet and all its species is something we can all get behind and be involved with, something we all have a stake in. The state of the natural world and its species needs to be moved up the agenda, and one way or another, we are determined to make this happen.

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