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Hydropower: The Myth of Green Energy

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5th February 2014 – South Kensington, London

In February 2014, Synchronicity Earth hosted a small event about large-scale dams. During the salon, we showed Todd Southgate’s DAMOCRACY (see below), a story of resistance against two of the world’s most controversial dams – the Belo Monte in Brazil and the Ilisu Dam in Southeastern Turkey. The film was recently screened at the Wild and Scenic Film Festival in Nevada and is attracting an international audience.

As well as spreading awareness, DAMOCRACY symbolises the growth of a new global movement uniting local communities and NGOs against the injustices and ecological losses associated with large-scale dams.

The film spurred lively debate, with Fred Pearce, freelance journalist and author of ‘When the Rivers Run Dry’. Guests asked whether there are any true means of addressing the ‘energy gap’ and if it is possible to protect the biodiversity of dam-impacted rivers. The discussion also focused on ways of improving the practices associated with hydropower: during it, we highlighted some recent victories.

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