WildAct is a not-for-profit organisation in Vietnam providing conservation education to motivate and engage local people in protecting threatened species from illegal trade and consumption.

At A Glance

WildAct, a local Vietnamese charity, focuses on saving national and international biodiversity from wildlife trafficking. Vietnam’s biodiversity has fallen victim to the wildlife trade, where species such as pangolins, birds, fish, and reptiles like the Chinese three-striped box turtles are being trafficked.

WildAct uses three main programmes, education, community conservation, and workplace gender inequality programmes. To create a new generation of Vietnamese wildlife conservationists partaking in the science-based conservation of threatened species and ecosystems in Hanoi, Vietnam.

Staff setting up a camera trap

Setting up a camera trap. Image: WildAct

Its education programme involves working with local Vietnamese universities to develop a Master’s course in wildlife conservation. This aims to increase the local and national capacity for monitoring trade of endangered wildlife and identifying at-risk species. WildAct also works in local schools in rural communities near nature reserves to offer outdoor education activities and provide books to develop and nurture children’s love for nature. Parents are also engaged in these conservation activities.

WildAct’s second programme, community conservation, aims to actively form a Community Conservation Committee (CCC) and Community Conservation Team (CCT). This is made up of the local community which participate