Students Organising for Sustainability (SOS-UK)

Students Organising for Sustainability UK (SOS-UK) is a student-led education charity that supports students and young people to actively take a lead in environmental justice.

At A Glance

SOS-UK concentrates on preparing individuals for a path towards sustainability. It aims to amplify the voices of the youth and students to influence global environmental action. Seeing the power and potential of young people and the student movement, SOS-UK encourage them to be at the forefront of environmental change.

SOS-UK keeps the development of students at its core, hence collaborating with higher and further education institutions, student unions, and school level education providers. It promotes knowledge through learning, teaching, and training. Its team actively engages with policymakers to ensure greater inclusion of climate within the education system for all future students and regularly participates in education programmes, advocacy, and campaigns.

Sign reading 'Climate Justice now'

SOS-UK believes education can bring about change for climate action. Image: SOS-UK

SOS-UK have organised Mock-COP, a campaign led by students responding to COP26’s initial cancellation in November 2020. Over 300 youth representatives in over 140 countries gathered online on November 19th 2020, to fight for a fair and green world.

Mock COP26 created a powerful statement in driving global climate action. The conference resulted in a global declaration to world leaders, with 18 realistic policies for significant themes such as climate education, achieving climate-resilient livelihoods, and biodiversity. Many young people in attendance were also invited to represent youth voice at COP26 later held in Glasgow in October 2021.

SOS-UK host and are actively involved in other student-led campaigns such as Teach the Teacher and Students for Trees. Further promoting global climate education, Teach the Teacher is an internationally youth-led campaign where students have been brought into schools to hold talks with their educators about climate change. Students for Trees supports students across the UK in improving knowledge around trees and woodlands.

Synchronicity Earth has supported supporting SOS-UK in the launch of the RACE Report to tackle the lack of racial diversity within UK environmental charities through the Synchronicity Portfolio.  SOS-UK and Synchronicity Earth align with their commitments to developing work practices prioritising equity, diversity and inclusivity within the environmental sector. Synchronicity Earth has previously worked with SOS-UK as part of Race for Nature’s Recovery.