Save Ghana Frogs

Save Ghana Frogs, founded in 2011, is the only environmental NGO in Ghana to exclusively dedicate itself to the conservation of amphibians.

At A Glance

Save Ghana Frogs is working to protect Ghana’s threatened amphibian populations, and to promote a society that respects and appreciates nature and wildlife. It is the only environmental NGO in Ghana to exclusively dedicate itself to the conservation of amphibians.

It is one of very few conservation organisations working in three Ghanaian sites of global significance for amphibians: Sui River Forest Reserve, Ankasa Conservation Area, and Atewa Forest. The Sui Forest Reserve in western Ghana is the home of the Critically Endangered giant squeaker frog (Arthroleptis krokosua). The Critically Endangered intermediate puddle frog (Phrynobatrachus intermedius) has only been recorded at two sites in Ankasa Conservation Area that are 2 km apart. Finally Atewa Forest, where Save Ghana Frogs has joined a coalition of NGOs to protect this critical habitat, and the threatened endemic amphibians living there, from bauxite mining.

Save Ghana Frogs works to save species facing serious and immediate conservation threats – species that are restricted to very small ranges and facing severe levels of habitat destruction and degradation – with passion and with a community-based conservation approach.

Save Ghana Frogs has worked closely with local villages in the regions they are conserving, and is enlisting their support and help for reforestation, creating tree nurseries, and controlling invasive weeds. Their team have integrated wildlife conservation with respect for and benefits to local communities – putting in place scholarships for local children to attend school and providing libraries and computers in the villages where they work.

Thanks to their hard work, Sui Forest Reserve is in the process of becoming a Community Resource Management Area (CREMA), owned by local chiefs and with substantially reduced levels of logging as the community regains ownership of the forest.

Synchronicity Earth’s Amphibian Programme is supporting Save Ghana Frog’s core costs and conservation work, particularly in the Sui Forest Reserve where they are working with local communities to conserve the giant squeaker frog – which without the dedicated efforts of Save Ghana Frogs would be highly likely to be extinct. The funding will enable Save Ghana Frogs to develop its institutional strength and infrastructure and to continue their community engagement and advocacy work, and reforestation programme in the Sui Forest Reserve.