Save Andaman Network (SAN)

Save Andaman Network (SAN) is a Thai NGO focused on supporting coastal livelihoods in Southern Thailand in ways that protect people, natural resources, and the environment.

At A Glance

Save Andaman Network (SAN) is committed to conserving biodiversity and the coastal environment along Thailand’s Andaman coastline. Its mission is to support and strengthen the participation of the local community and fishers in managing marine and coastal resources.

SAN actively concentrates on community participation as it sees community members as the most imperative element to conserve and protect rare marine species such as dugongs and seagrasses. It does this by working with communities to co-develop rules and approaches towards illegal fishing, coastal livelihoods and resource management.

SAN aims to promote sustainable marine resource management whilst building community capacity and raising awareness towards coastal conservation efforts. It hopes to develop alternative economic opportunities for communities dependent on fisheries.

A dugong

Thailand’s Andaman coastline is estimated to be home to around 200 dugongs, a stronghold population for such a threatened species.

Synchronicity Earth is specifically supporting SAN in its Community Seagrass Restoration project which aims to enhance sustainability regarding seagrass and biodiversity conservation through the cooperation of three coastal communities in the province of Trang, in Southern Thailand. These communities have developed community rules and regulations for sustainable fishery management and have established seagrass conservation areas. Through this work, SAN’s goal is to build capacity on restoring and conserving seagrass and to find the most appropriate methodologies for its target areas to expand seagrass restoration.

Alongside the Community Seagrass Restoration project, SAN is also currently running the following projects: Rethinking Plastics where it tackles marine litter, Seagrass Ecosystem Services project, a project to develop community capacity in community ecosystem management, and another in Trang tackling waste reduction and promoting good environmental quality.