Mulheres em Ação no Pantanal (MUPAN)

Mulheres em Ação no Pantanal (MUPAN) works to promote measures that defend quality of life for local communities and the conservation of natural resources in the Pantanal.

At A Glance

Mulheres em Ação no Pantanal translates to ‘Women in Action in the Pantanal’. The Pantanal is a natural environment that contains the greatest tropical wetland area and the largest flooded grasslands in the entire world. Although it stretches into parts of Bolivia, and Paraguay, it is predominantly found within the Brazilian state of Mato Grosso do Sul. MUPAN is the first non-governmental organisation in the Pantanal to focus on incorporating gender equality into water management.

MUPAN aims to empower women and local communities to defend their territories and protect the Pantanal ecosystem. It prides itself on having created spaces for a variety of stakeholders to learn, debate, and share, combining multiple perspectives to generate innovative thinking for solutions to threats to the environment and the rights of local people, particularly women.

Brazilian Cerrado Savanna

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