ANAPAC RDC aims to strengthen and secure the territories of Indigenous Peoples and local communities in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

At A Glance

Alliance Nationale d’Appui et de Promotion des Aires et territoires du Patrimoine Autochone et Communautaire en République Démocratique du Congo (ANAPAC RDC) is a national alliance of local organisations and a member of the ICCA Consortium.

Based in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), it prioritises advocating, and developing ICCAs. ICCAs are ‘territories and areas conserved by Indigenous Peoples and local communities’ or sometimes known as ‘territories of life’. Established to advance recognition for the territories of Indigenous Peoples and local communities in the DRC, it encourages government authorities to take responsibility for ensuring their livelihoods are not threatened by loss of land.

ANAPAC RDC puts its local communities at the centre of its projects using four strategies that prioritise ICCAs. It plans to strengthen ICCAs by improving the governance and management capacities of Indigenous Peoples and local communities. Then, it emphasises the importance of recognising ICCAs by promoting legal recognition with Congolese government authorities to establish new laws and reforms in forest governance that consider ICCAs.

A village surrounded by forest.

Many communities ANAPAC works with are surrounded by luscious forest. Image: ANAPAC RDC

Applying social and environmental safeguards, ANAPAC RDC ensures that appropriate methods are used to familiarise local communities and encourage them to act in accordance with these safeguards. Finally, ANAPAC-RDC actively networks to support advocacy and sustainability for ICCAs.

Forest biodiversity is protected effectively by keeping Indigenous Peoples and local communities at the forefront of ANAPAC RDC’s conservation goals.

ANAPAC RDC hopes they can develop DRC into a country that acknowledges ICCAs and is inclusive of their livelihoods, whilst also ensuring effective governance and sustainable management.

Synchronicity Earth supports ANAPAC RDC by providing core funding (e.g., staff costs) and catalysing collaborations between them and other Synchronicity Earth partners who actively engage in community forestry.