Where do we go from here?

The profound impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on our health, economies and societies has stimulated much discussion around what can be done to ‘build back better’ and what a ’new normal’ might look like.  For the second in our Deeper Thinking webinar series, we invited nine speakers from diverse sectors, communities and generations to [...]

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Disappearing Nature: Artists supporting life on Earth

“Art plays a vital role in making our impacts on the planet visible, challenging us to see what is happening and discuss its implications – all of which is key to Synchronicity Earth’s mission. Synchronicity Earth is working to bring human society back into alignment with the living world.” Jessica Sweidan, Founding Trustee of [...]

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Home Eco-logics: Women’s Lunch

On June 7, 2011, Synchronicity Earth held a lunch for women from many different vocational backgrounds and one common thread: an interest for conservation and environmental issues.  Our ‘Home Eco-logics’ lunch at the Louise Blouin Foundation featured a Slow Food menu created and cooked by top British chef Angela Hartnett, showcasing locally sourced UK [...]

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