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The Art of Conservation

Considering their importance, there is very little public discussion about climate change or the extinction crisis – perhaps because environmental problems are seen as remote, irrelevant, or unsolvable. They are anything but. Street artist Louis Masai paints the Common Crane in Camden, London in 2014 as part of a campaign by [...]

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Q & A With Louis Masai – The Coral Mural and Campaign

We asked artist Louis Masai about the process of painting the LondonLovesCorals mural in Shoreditch, and about his hopes for our broader coral campaign. The mural was started on 10th September, sparking tremendous social media interest, with people asking Louis to add their favourite coral-dependent species to the composition. The completed painting is becoming [...]

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Bringing a Reef to Life

On 11th September 2015, talented artist, Louis Masai, began a new collaboration with Synchronicity Earth. His Mission: to paint a 60 foot mural on a wall in Shoreditch, London. He started with a globe – its continents fringed with dead reef structures. Throughout the week, viewers were treated to the sight of an ecosystem [...]

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Your Century!

On 21st November, Synchronicity Earth invited over 100 12 to 18 year olds and their families to an event that marked a milestone in young peoples’ environmental leadership. Your Century! - a multi-workshop and knowledge base experience – gave participants the space to actively explore their relationship to the planet as never before through [...]

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Greasing palms: tales of corruption in the forestry sector

Indonesia’s 2010 moratorium on logging and new plantations within primary forests and peatlands is often held up as a symbol of hope for tropical forest conservation. In reality, it has been poorly observed and is therefore, largely ineffective: figures produced by Human Rights Watch suggest that illegal logging – costing the country an estimated [...]

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Economic growth and biodiversity: the true costs

This month’s edition of The Economist magazine contains a 14-page special feature on the relationship between economic growth and biodiversity. It describes an environmental Kuznets curve, whereby ecological conditions worsen in the early stages of development but improve after a certain level of prosperity has been reached – by which time people and nation-states [...]

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