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Save Vietnam’s Wildlife

Location: Vietnam.

Save Vietnam’s Wildlife (SVW) was established to secure a future for Vietnam’s wildlife. SVW protects and increases populations of threatened species through rescue, rehabilitation and release, as well as law enforcement, research and education.

Originally called the Small Carnivore and Pangolin Rescue Centre, Save Vietnam’s Wildlife registered their new name in 2014 as part of a strategic shift towards a more holistic approach. In addition to working with small carnivores and pangolins in their Centre for rescue, rehabilitation and release, SVW committed to tackling the illegal wildlife trade that is responsible for many of these animals ending up in the Centre. They do this through conservation education, outreach and advocacy with local communities and officials. They work closely with law enforcement officers and decision-makers to increase protection through international treaties such as CITES; to step up law enforcement and penalties within Vietnam and to improve wildlife handling so when animals are seized, fewer die or are injured as a result of mistakes by law enforcers who have previously not received appropriate animal handling training.

SVW are also interested in and committed to animal welfare and have made significant progress in the way in which pangolins are kept in captivity, creating appropriate feed and feeding mechanisms for them, as well as ensuring they have the right substrate (surface), cage height (only allowing them a full height cage once the pangolins are recovered enough from their psychological and physical trauma) and sleeping boxes.  Whilst it is possible that in future they will breed pangolins in captivity, at present their main focus is to maintain a viable wild population.

Synchronicity Earth’s current grant is helping SVW to scale up its research on wild pangolins by employing a full time Field Research Manager. This post will enable SVW to build on their knowledge about Sunda and Chinese pangolins in the wild with regard to their ecology, reproduction and populations, and to understand more about their management in captivity.