Towards a flourishing future

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At the start of 2023, Synchronicity Earth launched our 2023-2028 strategy to our friends, supporters, and partners, in a pair of events in-person and online.

Just as the strategy itself is led by three overarching goals, the events reflected on Conservation, Capacity, and Culture.

Speaking on conservation at the in-person event was Isabelle Lackman, co-founder and director of Hutan, a long-term partner of Synchronicity Earth which combines community-run conservation and wildlife research in the heart of oil-palm country in Malaysian Borneo.

A key part of Synchronicity Earth’s approach is capacity: providing core funding, providing long-term support that is more than just financial and helps our partners grow, develop their networks and build up their staff. Two of our affiliates, Grace Souza (Latin America) and Julie Gagoe Tchoko (Congo Basin), as well as Casey Box from the Christensen Fund, spoke about how funders can find better ways to support partners beyond grantmaking.

Our strategy also recognises that however much of the first two we do, the curve will continue to head in the wrong direction without systemic and cultural change. ‘Plant Doctor’ Karl Png, founder of the Singapore Youth Voices for Biodiversity, and Colombian art historian Isabella Noero from Earthrise discussed with our co-Founder and Trustee Jessica Sweidan how we can influence wider cultural change for the environment.

Speaking online, we welcomed Isabelle Lackman; Alifa Haque, sawfish conservationist and Ocean Programme partner; Annette Lanjouw, Chief Executive Officer of the Arcus Foundation; Grace Souza, social scientist, activist, and Synchronicity Earth Latin America Affiliate; Christian Schwarzer, Co-Founder of the Global Youth Biodiversity Network; and Isabella Noero, Founder of the art and ecology platform ÚNA, and Head of Collaborative Partnerships at Earthrise. Watch the recording >>

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