The Flourishing Diversity Summit

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The Flourishing Diversity Summit in September brought 30 indigenous representatives from across the world to London, many for the first time. Arhuaco, Bishnoi, Khoisan, Ashaninka and many other indigenous peoples from across the globe came to share their cultural and ecological wisdom, connect with each other and create new opportunities to amplify their urgent and timely messages. Sessions at the Summit focused on Sacred Lands, Mother Earth and Building Alliances, while the Listening Sessions brought together Indigenous representatives with prominent Western figures from the worlds of art, politics, business, conservation and fashion.

The Summit and Listening Sessions were a co-collaboration between Synchronicity Earth, Jerome Lewis (Director) and Carolina Comanduli, of the Centre for Anthropology of Sustainability (CAOS) at UCL, Paola Bay, an artist and filmmaker and many others. The events were a tremendous success, generating extensive media interest and coverage, and sowing the seeds for future collaboration and activities through 2020 and beyond, not least at the upcoming IUCN World Conservation Congress taking place in Marseilles in June, 2020.

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