Reimagining climate and conservation funding

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Getting significantly more climate and conservation funding to the point of impact requires going beyond pledges and pronouncements, and rethinking and redesigning existing funding practices, conventions, and institutions.

Against the backdrop of New York Climate Week, this session explored these issues, with an eye towards practical solutions based on new ideas, processes, and partnerships, drawing on the perspectives of different actors within the conservation funding chain, from local organisations to large funding agencies and philanthropies.

The first panel framed a conversation about barriers and solutions led by speakers from our partners and other grassroots organisations: Bryson Ogden (Rights and Resources Initiative), Fred Nelson (Maliasili), Nemonte Nenquimo (Amazon Frontlines), and John Kasaona (Integrated Rural Development and Nature Conservation).

The second discussion was held between funders, talking about how to build a new funding ecosystem that delivers at the point of impact, moderated by Justin Winters of One Earth with Carla Fredericks (The Christensen Fund), Nonette Royo (International Land and Forest Tenure Facility), Steve Rocliffe (Blue Ventures), and Annette Lanjouw (Arcus Foundation).

Watch the recordings: Part 1 and Part 2.

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