Diving in: how to build a flourishing future for ocean life

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The ocean is intrinsically entwined with our experience of the world, influencing our climate, our air, our food, our energy and more. Yet for many people, particularly those who live away from the coast, what is happening underwater, beyond our shores, feels too far away to contemplate or care about.

But re-establishing the vital connections between our culture and our coastlines, and a sense of shared responsibility for what happens in our ocean, is critical for a sustainable future. At this event, four extraordinary women spoke about the oceanic connections we all carry, the challenges facing marine conservation, and their hopes for the future: Jasmina Peri (BLOOM Association), Rujinun ‘Dream’ Palahan (Save Andaman Network), Alifa Haque (Bengal Elasmo Lab), and Hannah Rudd (High Seas Alliance).

From the fishing communities Alifa collaborates with, to Dream’s focus on community partnerships as a tool for conservation, the women we spoke with all emphasised that the fight for marine conservation is also a fight to restore our relationships with the ocean. Read the full summary >>

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