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Deeper Thinking, virtually

Image © Zana Briski

2020 was billed as the ‘Super Year’ for action on climate and biodiversity: an opportunity to press fast forward on global ambition for the environment, putting nature and climate at the heart of political, economic and social agendas.

Enter COVID-19. Almost overnight, the world shifted on its axis. For climate and biodiversity, all bets are off as the global community struggles to cope with an explosion of health and social care needs combined with an economic shutdown unlike any that has gone before.

Synchronicity Earth’s Deeper Thinking series is a forum to explore the impact our activities, values and cultures have on nature: an opportunity for anyone who cares about our planet and its inhabitants to reflect on and discuss some of the questions raised by the pandemic.

  • How are biodiversity, nature conservation and human health interconnected? How can these connections inform what we, as conservationists and nature lovers, do? 

  • Will the pandemic create the impetus for genuine, lasting systemic change, or are we more likely to see a return to the status quo?

  • What has COVID-19 taught us about our food systems? Is industrial agriculture the only way to feed the world, or are there better, kinder, more nature-friendly ways, and what can we do to encourage this shift?

  • Indigenous peoples living in some of the most biodiverse regions on Earth have been listening to nature for millennia. What can we learn from communities who have retained and cherished their connection to nature?

We’ll be inviting speakers from a range of fields to share their thoughts, stories and hopes. But we are also committed to bringing your ideas and perspectives into the mix, focusing on what you care about, what you are interested in and what you can influence. We don’t promise to have all the solutions, but we want to use this platform to explore some of the questions that need to be asked.