Synchronicity Earth

Synchronicity Earth is a charitable foundation with an ambitious vision: a sustainable planet that values the interconnectivity and interdependence of all living things.

About Us

Synchronicity Earth is a UK registered charity that provides a framework for enlightened environmental giving, globally. Our aim is to grow the amount of support available to high-priority conservation action globally. … more


No species left behind!

Estimating the number of species on Earth is a notoriously difficult task. A 2011 paper published in PLOS Biology gave a figure of 8.7 million (give or take 1.3 million)! However many there are, all species have a role to play in the diverse ecosystems that make up our planet. All species matter, not just the elephants, tigers, rhinos, whales and … more

Freshwater - a cinderella issue

Freshwater has long been a Cinderella issue i.e. routinely ignored but deserving more attention. Freshwater ecosystems - rivers, lakes, wetlands - cover less than one per cent of the earth’s surface, yet are home to up to 50 per cent of all fish species. Despite its importance, freshwater biodiversity is currently low down on environmental priorities, marine and terrestrial ecosystems … more