Where we work and why: Congo Basin

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Synchronicity Earth partners with six groups (1) working in the Congo Basin, the majority in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Their activities range from challenging large scale hydropower and agribusiness concessions in important forest and riverine areas through to engaging parliamentarians to help give a voice to indigenous peoples. But why the Congo Basin? This article looks at some of the reasons why this region is so important to us.

Okapi by Clare Shenstone

Incredible biological and cultural diversity: The Congo Basin is home to Earth’s second-largest contiguous tract of rainforest (after the Amazon) and Africa’s second-longest river, not to mention some of the world’s most-loved species including elephants, gorillas, bonobos, chimpanzees and okapi. It spans 3.7 million km2 across the DRC and parts of the Republic of Congo, Gabon, Cameroon, Central African Republic and Equatorial Guinea.