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On Saturday 26th October, Synchronicity Earth hosted a magical evening at London’s Whitechapel Gallery. Called “What on Earth?” the event created a space for guests to consider what we’re doing to our planet and how we can change.

The evening began with a stunning and arresting visual narrative by Mattias Klum, award-winning National Geographic photographer and film-maker, and Johan Rockström, Executive Director of the Stockholm Resilience Centre. Their beautiful presentation warned of the implications of crossing nine scientifically established ‘planetary boundaries’ and outlined our likelihood of doing so if we don’t transform our current – environmentally destructive – behaviour.

They described how we are moving out of the Holocene (a period of relatively stable planetary conditions) into the Anthropocene – an era, driven by unsustainable economic growth, during which destructive human behaviour is causing disequilibrium within environmental systems.

The Q&A that followed focused on curbing population growth and behaviour-change – both at a corporate and individual level.

Following the talk, guests took their places at 11 themed tables that covered subjects from green energy to the intrinsic value of species.  Each was hosted by two experts – passionate environmental advocates – all Synchronicity Earth allies, partners or staff.

After a delicious, vegetarian meal, we were delighted to hear the beautiful, world-renown singer and songwriter, Alison Sudol, (IUCN Goodwill Ambassador and known professionally as A Fine Frenzy), accompanied by Gabe Noel on cello and electric bass, play an impassioned and thought-provoking set.  Their ethereal music rounded off the evening, reminding us that sound plays a huge role in nature. Indeed, as Laura mentioned in her introduction to Synchronicity Earth’s work:

“The images we saw earlier – thanks to Mattias and Johan – portray some of the noisiest, most fragrant, vibrant, ALIVE places in the world.

Imagine if they stopped existing – that the rhythm of life itself, from rivers flowing, leaves rustling, the flapping of wings, the hums, yelps and song of living creatures just stopped.

It’s already getting quieter.

It’s being overwhelmed by the cacophony of our mechanised, urbanised system.

Imagine if the drills and the planes, the cars and the horns and the drone of electricity was all that was left – except, if it was, there would be no one to hear.

We don’t want to let that happen! Synchronicity Earth exists to help promote the harmonious survival of all life.”

As I mentioned when I welcomed everyone,  “Adam and I created Synchronicity Earth as an antidote to the disconnectedness, disbelief and heartache that we felt when up against the disappearance of the richness of life…we hope that by being creative, thoughtful and open to possibilities, we are able to extend the discussion beyond our realm to bring others, like you, on board.”

It did indeed feel as though guests left feeling motivated, having learnt more about the environment and the holistic thinking and solutions offered by Synchronicity Earth, and hungry to understand and engage further.

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