The Art of Conservation

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Considering their importance, there is very little public discussion about climate change or the extinction crisis – perhaps because environmental problems are seen as remote, irrelevant, or unsolvable. They are anything but.

Street artist Louis Masai paints the Common Crane in Camden, London in 2014 as part of a campaign by the IUCN and Synchronicity Earth to raise greater consciousness about human impact on UK animals

Since Synchronicity Earth was created, we have tried to assess how best to make that point: Can we do so with ‘argument’, or do we need to appeal to the heart? Should we do both? We have seen art playing an increasingly important role in promoting public understanding of diverse issues – from the refugee catastrophe (see Safdar Ahmed – The Refugee Projectand Exit based on an idea by Paul Virilio) to the extinction crisis (see Maya Lin – Unchopping a Tree and What is Missing?).
We have recognised that it closes the gap between emotions and rationality, offering a deep and comprehensive impression of the problem – rooted in the evidence – that strikes an immediate chord.It provides an opportunity to ‘compete’ with the noise from advertising, the mass media, and popular culture – to bring a tangible message to its viewer. Which is why we have teamed up with artists as part of our public outreach work to explain that we have an extinction crisis, at home, and globally. (See Louis Masai – This is Now and Coral Reef Redux).

By painting murals in public places, Louis manages to interrupt peoples’ routine journeys as they stop to take in the unexpected sight of something novel or different about their everyday surroundings. He gives them pause for thought about their relationship with nature – about the fate of their planet.And because everything is linked to social media, he provides access points for people to find out more about the extinction crisis, and to spread the word.Synchronicity Earth has been delighted with its partnership with Louis, and with the artists involved in our exhibitions to deepen peoples’ sense of connection with nature. (see Clare Shenstone – Artist & Studio and Disappearing Nature: Artists supporting life on Earth)

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