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Connecting to Our Roots

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5th May 2017 – The Conduit Club, London

Our second Women’s Alliance luncheon was about community and connection. Across a long table, women gathered over a farm-to-table style meal prepared by Tom’s Feast to hear Satish Kumar speak about reconnecting to nature. While eating locally-sourced, delicious, seasonal food, our bodies and our souls were nourished.

Satish had us all mesmerized –  he is a master story teller, speaking authentically from the heart, as if he is channeling the exact right thing for the moment. In this instance, he reminded us that we are nature, and what we do to nature, we do to ourselves. He also spoke about listening, and discerning, reminding us that we have a choice in the way we engage with each other, with nature, with the world around us. And, he spoke about living in synchronicity with the earth.  It was a gift! We were so grateful for his words, and insights, we asked him to share them again – for all the world to see.

“At present, humanity is not in harmony with the natural world.”

Satish, a former monk and long-term peace and environmental activist, is also the Editor of Resurgence-Ecologist. Both Resurgence-Ecologist and Synchronicity Earth help to engender principles of active listening and proper response; they are incorporated in the stories that Resurgence-Ecologist publishes and embedded in the work that Synchronicity Earth does around the world. Our organisations are giving voice to some of the most marginalised communities around the world.

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