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The Art of Conservation

Synchronicity Earth believes in cultural and biological diversity. Diversity of life, as well as thought, approaches, and ideas provide creative sources of inspiration for action. Synchronicity Earth works with a varied pool of talent – whether artists, like-minded organisations or networks – who all come together to help rethink and reshape our future.

We do not shy away from collaboration. On the contrary, we search for effective partnerships, where all involved are active participants, valued for their perspectives and ideas. What better way to understand the threats to the natural world, than to create a space where a range of emergent thinking and visual narratives can help us understand what is at stake?

Working with artists is second nature for us. For one, a growing number of artists recognise the role of nature in inspiring their creativity. They act as conduits for a simple message: that we inhabit a beautiful and diverse planet that deserves to be cherished and protected.

And, artists are also masters at navigating the complex and of creating ways in – for us to better understand, and process really tough issues. Art welcomes a response, it invites critique and visceral reactions – it wants us to emote. Arguably, so does the natural world. Art can help divine a path to better engage with and reconnect to our natural world.

Over the years, we have worked with a phenomenal array of artists, all whom we are fortunate to call partners. We hope you enjoy what you see, and are moved to action.


“Art plays a vital role in making our impacts on the planet visible, challenging us to see what is happening and discuss its implications – all of which is key to Synchronicity Earth’s mission. Synchronicity Earth is working to bring human society back into alignment with the living world.”

Jessica Sweidan, Founding Trustee, Synchronicity Earth