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Congo Basin

Image: Zana Briski
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Congo Basin Programme

Our research shows that philanthropic funding for mainland African forests is much lower than it is for forest protection in Latin America and Southeast Asia; the current funding response has been insufficient to address needs.

We have been working in the region since 2012 and have now developed a programme designed to encourage a more coordinated response to the threats. We have identified numerous strong local partners, as well as several excellent international organisations and will continue to build on this through our rigorous research, consultation with our partners and site visits.

We are sharing our research and programme with multiple donors to leverage pooled funding to enable a ‘win-win’ for both donor and grantee. For the (often overstretched) grantee, it means less time spent fundraising and completing paperwork; and done well it also means more opportunity to collaborate and learn from other grantees.  For the donor, it offers an opportunity to learn about and fund grantees in areas previously inaccessible given lack of capacity to research the region, identify good partners or conduct due diligence.