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Going where the need for conservation is greatest

The heart of our approach lies in identifying ecologically important places, ecosystems and species, globally, that are threatened or face emerging threats, but are largely overlooked or poorly served by conservation funding and effort. Our goal is to build networks of support and funding for the people and organisations working to conserve these places and species.

While conservation funds and action are often directed towards iconic regions and charismatic species, our focus is on the gaps inbetween: a highly biodiverse region that receives little conservation attention; species that few people know or care about, but which are no less important; a vulnerable yet vital ecosystem that remains out of sight, out of mind to all but a few.

“Today’s problems are not simple single issues with obvious solutions, they are complex interwoven challenges that need connected thinking if we are to address them adequately. Synchronicity Earth is one of the few organisations taking the broad view, with sufficient ambition in scope and purpose to really make a difference.”

Dr Jerome Lewis, Lecturer in Social Anthropology, UCL Anthropology, University College London

Our Programmes

Our conservation Programmes are the result of extensive research, analysis and funding. They are targeted at areas of significant need and they bring together a multi-faceted approach to challenges.

Through our Programmes, we seek to provide long-term support to organisations undertaking a range of activities to address challenges. We believe it is important to pool donor funds to coordinate funding, monitoring and impact reporting, reducing the load on organisations and bringing donors together to achieve impact at scale.

We connect organisations within our programmes, sharing learning and assisting them to build capacity.