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The High & Deep Seas Programme

Image © Shutterstock/Andrea Izzotti

Conserving the blue half of the planet

The high and deep seas cover half the surface area of our planet, are home to untold diversity of life, and act as a critical support system for all life on earth. They are under serious threat from unsustainable and destructive fishing, and new activities like deep seabed mining. Despite this, marine conservation for the high and deep seas is drastically underfunded, and their importance is overlooked.


Our High and Deep Seas Programme focuses on protecting the ocean, supporting and promoting effective action. This includes work on EU fisheries policy, on global regulation through the United Nations and on research and campaigning, as well as in major areas where intervention is urgently needed to protect habitats, deep sea fish and other species in the forgotten reaches of the ocean.

High Seas

Prioritising a binding global treaty to protect ocean biodiversity.

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Strengthening regulations on fisheries and curbing damaging subsidies.

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Deep-seabed mining

Addressing the emerging threat of deep-seabed mining.

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* Images (L to R): Wikimedia Commons; Shutterstock; NOAA Office of Ocean Exploration and Research